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Power Supplies

PSUs for Servers

Proliant Swappable DPS-600CB A  Proliant Swappable PS4060
Dell Poweredge DPS-500CB A  Proliant DPS-600PBB

PC PSUs Proprietary Form Factors

Sony MJPC-120A1  Enhance ENP-2725H
HP/Compaq DPS-240SB  Compaq PDP116P
Compaq PDP-121P  Dell Optiplex NPS-110CB

PC PSUs ATX Form Factors

Antec Smart Blue SL-350  Dell Optiplex SA202-3556-825
Dell Dimension NPS-250KBF 

AC Adapters for Laptops

Dell PA-6  Dell PA-8
Dell PA-9  Dell PA-12
Sony PCGA-AC19V1  Toshiba PA2478U

AC Adapters for Peripherals

HP Office Jet C7296  HP C4357-61210

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NOTE: Orphan Computers makes every effort to research compatibility issues with the AC Adapters we sell in order to find accurate information. However, what we have found to be the norm is that contradictory information or compatibility statements that turn out to be somewhat less then accurate are found.

Very often, there are mild variations of Watt, Volt and Amp input/output specs between adapters and laptops that are stated as compatible. Ideally, these specs should be the same. Mild variances are acceptable in most cases; however, opinions as to the advisability of doing so, vary.

Orphan Computers will accept no responsibility for damages which may occur if you choose to purchase an AC adapter for your Laptop which does not have exact matching input/output values.

The most common reason a particular adapter and Laptop will not work with each other even if the Watt, Volt and Amp specs are the same is a difference in the connector. At times, the only way to be 100% certain that an AC Adapter that is in stock will work with a particular Laptop is to try them with each other.

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