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Hard Drive Inventory

Hard Drives - 3.5

Maxtor Diamond Max 40GB IDE 5T040H4  Seagate Barracuda 40GB IDE ST340016A
Maxtor Diamond Max 20GB IDE MX6L020J1  Quantum Fireball 30GB IDE LC30A011-01-A
WD Caviar 6.2GB IDE 26400  Maxtor Diamond Max 90845D4

Hard Drives - 2.5 PATA

Samsung Spinpoint, 160GB, HM160HC 

Hard Drives - 2.5 SATA

WD Scorpio Blue, 640GB, WD6400BPTV  WD Scorpio Blue, 500GB, WD5000BETV
WD Scorpio Blue, 320GB, WD3200BETV  Toshiba, 320GB, MK3263GXSN
Fujitsu, 160GB, MJA2160BH  Hitachi Travelstar, 80GB SATA, HTS541080G9SA00

SCSI and Fibre Channel Drives - 3.5

HP/Compaq SCSI 2, 7200, 18.2GB, BB01813467  HP/Compaq SCSI 2, 10K, 18.2GB, BD018122C0, BD018122C9
HP/Compaq SCSI 2, 10K, 18.2GB, BD0186349B, BD018635C4, BD018635CC, BD01864544, BD01865CC4, BD0186826C 

Tape Backup

Seagate Hornet Travan Tape Backup 

Hard Drive Enclosures

Onnto DataTale RAID Enclosure, RS-M4QO  Onnto DataTale RAID Enclosure, RS-M2QO
MiniPro USB 3 HDD Enclosure, U32-M  MiniPro USB 2 HDD Enclosure, UN2-M

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